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The age of the reptiles, have long since past. Now comes the age of the large beast.

The provisions in the land of Sand and Bone have quickly fallen to ruin. In search of new kill, the dire wolves travel over the eastern mountains entering the valley of Forest Pass where they find the inhabitants of deer and bear considerably smaller than the bison, mammoths, and ground sloths they once hunted in Sand and Bone. Scouting the forest, the wolves discover the warrens of the descendants of Lagos, the first of all lagomorphs, in ample supply. Despite their savage appearance, out of fear of extinction the wolves break from natural instinct departing from the Chase and begin herding the rabbits to the caves of the northern mountains enslaving them there for butchery. Kept in this unnatural state, Lagos’ mind grows dark, and he begins to rebel.

With twelve of his followers, Lagos escapes to the top of the southern mountains to raise a warren of Warriors to secure their freedom for all ages. After the passing of a generation, Llyr son of Lagos moves the Warriors deep into Black Wood to an undisclosed location leaving six lagomorphs with unique skills at the outpost to keep watch over the valley. However, there is a prophecy and a sign in the great empyrean that tells of the coming of the wolves in the Great Hunt. War is eminent. With the presence of a dire wolf in their outpost, the six companions must begin a treacherous journey to seek out allies and find the secret location of the Sanctuary of Warriors.

The Chrysalis, the wolves deny its coming but the lagomorphs embrace it. The world as they know it is about to erupt into chaos and forever change.

This is their story as told throughout the ages



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The Chrysalis and the Creatures of the Highlands by Bruce Rowe, Grant P Hudson