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The Margins: Graphic Novel Review

Updated: Apr 27, 2019

Hey everyone! I am very excited to be reviewing The Margins” co-written by David Accampo and Paul Montgomery, and illustrated by Amanda Donahue

This is a graphic novel I was sent by Fanbase Press in exchange for an honest review. My reviews are generally structured in to four different parts; Synopsis, Pros, Cons, and Conclusion


Artist Charley Keo’s new gig begins as a fun challenge to breathe new life into the forgotten pulp world of Elad – this time as a comic book. But as tendrils of this lost realm creep into her sleepy Portland neighborhood, Charley realizes that Elad is much more than the lines on a day-dreamt map, more than the sum of an old hack’s prose. Elad has its hooks in Charley, and what was once fantasy has become deadly reality for both the artist and the woman she loves.

PROS: There were many things that I enjoyed about this graphic novel. Character diversity, use of color, and illustration all stood out. Charley is an introverted artist. Rita, her girlfriend, is an extroverted entrepreneur. Gordy, the writer who commissioned Charley to illustrate the comic, seemingly never leaves his mother’s house. We’re given a diverse cast of characters to begin with who’s genuine relationships are a treat to read.                                                             

Another aspect I enjoyed was that when we are introduced to Elad, we see that it’s all in color, and reality is depicted in black and white. That use of contrast makes it seem like Elad is even more otherworldly, especially when there is crossover between the two.

 CONS: Like every book I review, I try to be fair in including different aspects of the plot or character development that I believe could be improved. One thing I noticed was that in the beginning of the graphic novel, there is a chunk of exposition written in tiny print.

While interesting, it does take some time to get through, and can be confusing when first beginning, as later on the scene changes abruptly. I also wish that we’d gotten to see a little more of everything; Elad, Charley and Rita, Gordy, all of it. But-I’m hoping-that this may be something addressed in another volume of “The Margins”

CONCLUSION: In conclusion, I rate this graphic novel 4/5 stars. It’s an awesome, fast paced, and entertaining read with diverse characters and a fantastically creative plot. A perfect read for those new or veterans to graphic novels. 

If you’re interested in buying this novel, “The Margins” is currently available for pre-order through the Fanbase Press website (, and the graphic novel will be released for sale on July 23, 2018

Or, check out these links for more info about “The Margins” and to keep up to date on all new developments! 




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