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Stay Sexy and Don't Get Murdered | Spoiler Free Review

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Hey friends! I'm here with another book review which...I actually haven't done a video for in what feels like forever?

But, I feel like this book is a good one to come back to video reviews for. Today, I'm talking about "Stay Sexy & Don't Get Murdered" by Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark. Karen and Georgia are the hosts of the hit podcast My Favorite Murder.

My Favorite Murder is a weekly true crime comedy podcast where Karen and Georgia each take turns telling each other-and the listeners-about different murders they've researched that week.

The title of this book, shortened to SSDGM is a really familiar saying that a lot of their fans-called Murderinos- know from how they end their podcasts and live-shows. Usually I break up my reviews in to Pros, Cons, and Overall Conclusion, but for this book I have to say I only had Pros for it.

This is a dual biography/life lesson book told in 8 different chapters, plus an introduction and conclusion. So, 10 chapters total. Each of the main chapters have different sayings/quotes from the show that Georgia and Karen alternate telling their point of view and experience of.

What I love the most about this book, and what I feel that other Murderinos will also love, is that this doesn't feel like your typical biography/"self help" type of book.

Instead, imagine sitting down with a female companion you really admire,-mom, aunt, mentor, anyone- and having them tell you about their experiences in life. Whether it's because they want to share some wisdom about some upcoming decisions you may have to make, give advice on a situation you're in, or just tell you "Hey, I've been there. This is what I did and how I got through it." That is what this book feels like.

It's a conversation more than it is a book. It feels like Karen and Georgia are directly addressing you, personally and telling you their stories. And I absolutely love that.

Where a lot of books-especially autobiographies- try to embody that experience and fall short, this one succeeds in carrying that personal aspect. Mostly, I believe, because Karen and Georgia are so incredibly open, to themselves, each other, and the Murderino community as a whole.

I loved this book, and if you are someone who loves true crime, comedy, or hey even a mix of both, I highly recommend you read it. Whether it's through buying it, waiting until it gets to a library, or even borrowing it from a friend, don't miss out on it.

Elvis, wanna cookie?

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