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Hero Hotel | Spoiler Free Review

Chet and his cat, Boomer, work in a hotel… a hotel for superheroes! Awesome, right? Wrong. Because there’s nothing worse than a hero on vacation.

Hero Hotel: A hotel for some of the world’s most well known heroes, including Spyder SpyHeavy Metal Man, and Golden Falcon. All of whom expect to be pampered and treated on a, excuse the pun here, fantastic level.

Enter Chet, the literal definition of “no good thing goes unpunished”. No matter how hard Chet tries, he and his cat Boomer end up making more messes then they end up cleaning them.

Overall Rating: 5/5 Stars

Author: Yehudi Mercado

Publisher: Fanbase Press

Pages: 104

Pros: This book has a simple plot that’s easy to follow, as well as lovable characters that make it all the more fun to see the messes that they get in to. There are seven main parts, split by different movie posters and each involving their own subplot that eventually link to the main plot involving Chet and the main villain, Swampocalypse. Overall, it’s clever, witty, and full of hilarious references to superheroes that we all know and love.

Cons: There are so many great characters, the only downfall of having them all is that you want each one to have their own books and storylines. Hopefully, we can see that more in the future!

Overall, I highly recommend this book. It’s the first graphic novel that I’ve read since the sixth grade and it definitely doesn’t disappoint.

Check it out here on ComiXology!

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