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Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Spoiler Free Review

I literally read this in two and a half hours. Don’t judge me.

It’s different from the other Harry Potter books, definitely. And that is something that needs to be taken in to consideration for those who are reading it who have an attachment to the original seven books. But, having this new medium that adds so much more wonderful content to the Harry Potter universe is amazing, and it’s just fantastic that we have some things solidified at all. However, there are definitely parts of the plot that are a complete mess, some of it doesn’t make sense, a lot of it is riding off the wave of the fact that it is Harry Potter in general. However, not analyzing it at all? I liked it. As a fan of the series I enjoyed it and yeah it isn’t the absolute best thing ever but this is a book that I want to like and enjoy, and I’m willing to let it ride the fandom wave to do that.

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